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“You meet with the designer herself, Jana Ann, who is SO nice. She has won awards for the quality of her gowns, they’re all spectacular, and she likes to start based off your personality. She has a great variety of styles and will be patient if you’re indecisive. She’s also able to do lots of custom work! The first one I tried on was my perfect dress!”
Colleen M. – San Marcos, CA

“If you want a personal wedding stylist and want to feel like the beautiful bride to be that you are. Then this is the place for you to purchase your dress.”
Toni G. – San Diego, CA

“The price she gave me for this couture dress was extremely reasonable and I couldn’t be happier. I really want to thank Jana for creating such a great experience for my mom and I. It will be a great memory.”
Miss E L – San Diego, CA



Jana Ann is an internationally influential and leading bridal couture designer with an engineering background. She created Jana Ann Couture to fulfill her lifelong passion for fashion design. Jana Ann has over 40 authorized retailers nationwide. Here in San Diego she wanted to create her first retail bridal store, so every bride can have her private and exclusive experience with the designer.

Jana Ann San Diego
Jana Ann Wedding Dress San Diego



Jana Ann Couture is a bespoke company that creates one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. Each bridal dress is made with high quality fabrics and materials, a high standard of workmanship, hand sown, hand-beaded, hand-pleated and structured with built-in corsets. These details create not only a perfect fit but also to carry the weight of the many layers. Our dresses are not “ready to wear” or produced in mass Jana Ann is 100% hands-on for each gown, from sketching the design to making sure every dress is specifically based on the brides taste and measurements.

Wedding Dress San Diego


Once you have found your gown, you now have to think about how to accessorize it. Many women think that it is all about the wedding dress and even though your wedding gown is the main focus but accessorizing it properly is what will perfect the look. Adding the right finishing touches can further enhance your wedding look for the precious day. Jana Ann Bridal Couture  has come up with the best tips to achieve that perfect look for your big day.

Veil or no veil

Jana Ann San Diego

Call it a misconception or something else, but wearing a veil is not a must to go on with your bridal gown. While wearing one surely gives it that complete look but it is not necessary to wear one. Now, if you do decide to wear one, you must be careful in the color that you choose, its material length and every detail in short. For instance, if your wedding dress is plain and has no embellishment or embroidery, then you can choose a bridal gown that is fancy and has a lot of detail or vice versa. The length of your veil should also work best with the type and design of your wedding dress. Jana Ann Couture will help you out in choosing the most appropriate veil for your bridal gown.

Match your jewelry

Jewelry is available in different materials, shades, and designs. You have to see for yourself whether your bridal gown needs any jewelry, and if so then of what kind etc. There are options like gold, platinum, silver, stones, and pearl to choose from. Less is more when it comes to jewelry but that does not mean you should not be creative with it. Try out different designs; wear them with your wedding dress to see what matches best.

Think about your neckline

Your neckline is the most prominent area of your body when the bridal gown is on. There are various neckline designs for bridal gowns but you have to see which goes best with your own body shape. There are V-necks, round necks, boat necks and many more in the latest fashion rolex replica trends. When you choose on a certain neckline, the choice will determine your hairstyle and the necklace that you choose with it (if any). If your neck area is showing off then you must choose on a necklace to go with it and beautify that area. If, however, your neck isn’t showing then as wedding dress, you should focus on an elegant up-do to go along with it.

Know your colors


While white is the first pick of most women for their wedding day but it shouldn’t be so for everyone. You should be aware of the kind of colors that you like and those that suit you best. Don’t be afraid to pick a different color, because as long as it suits your skin, it doesn’t matter if it is not white. There are various other beautiful replica rolex colors like pink, bottle green, yellow and beige etc. Don’t follow the bandwagon and choose white, see which color suits you best and then choose that for your bridal gown San Diego

Weddings are a big day and you put in a lot of effort to make sure that everything works out in the best possible way. Choosing the right bridal gown San Diego can be a tricky task but not when you are at Bridal salon San Diego of the famous Jana Ann. Here, at the bridal salon in San Diego, you will be given an exclusive service where everything will be prepared according to your unique requirements. Jana Ann is undoubtedly the best bridal salon in San Diego that assures 100% satisfaction to their customers.

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