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Jana's Inspiration

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“The inspiration for my bridal gowns is to awaken the bride’s innocence and joy. The bride’s inner feelings and creativity are reflected in the gown she wears. The gown is a means of expressing the bride’s dreams for her future life. When the bride walks down the aisle, it is a magical moment. The bride is a reflection of the spirit and, as such, a source of inspiration, renewal of hope and faith for everyone who looks at her. When a bride wears my gowns, she feels joyful, confident, satisfied and beautiful. She projects all of these qualities to the people that surround her and she will be etched in everyone’s memory forever.

Wedding Dresses San Diego

If you are looking for a wedding dress in San Diego, Jana Ann Bridal Couture is the place
for you. San Diego is such a unique and special place to search for wedding dresses. The weather
is unlike any other place in America – almost ten months out of the year the weather is hot. With
a climate like the one in San Diego, the quality of fabrics are extremely important for a wedding
dress. Your wedding dress should be completely crafted from pure fabrics to create a cooling and
comfortable feel. If the dress is made up of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, it can cause the
bride to sweat more, which makes her feel hot and itchy. Fabric choices are key for wedding
dresses, especially in a place like San Diego. The wedding dresses in San Diego should be flowy,
airy, comfortable – with a real summer feeling.
If you are getting married in San Diego, the wedding dress should be a summery style.
San Diego brides are mostly searching for dresses with soft a-lines and fit & flare styles, we have
come to find that they are the most preferred. At Jana Ann Couture, the fabrics we mostly use for
a-line and fit & flare styles include silk tulle, lycra tulle, chiffon, chantilly lace, and sparkles.
Jana Ann brides always inform us that they don’t only look and feel beautiful and glamorous, but
their dress provides them with extreme comfort throughout their wedding. They can sit, stand,
walk, and dance effortlessly, which are major aspects for a bride on her big day. Our main target
is that our brides are genuinely enjoying their wedding and all it entails; they should not be
constantly worried about their dress and how good it looks or how uncomfortable they feel.
San Diego weddings are mostly outdoors. Wedding styles are generally romantic, beachy,
glamorous, and rustic. When you are searching for a wedding dress in San Diego, your dress
should match your venue! If you are walking down the aisle in a church, on the beach,
throughout a vineyard – they are all different concepts! Different details in the dress go hand in
hand with different concepts. At Jana Ann Couture, venue plays a major role in how we style our
The most important factor for us here at Jana Ann Couture is a brides personality. Jana
always has a specific personality in mind as she designs a dress. Many aspects are taken into
consideration as we choose a dress that is perfect for each bride – how she looks, how she
behaves, her lifestyle, her family, her make-up style, her hairstyle – a variety of factors! All of
our wedding dresses have personality, and when the personality of one of our dresses perfectly
matches the personality of one of our beautiful brides, it is a match made in heaven! All of our
brides are incredibly happy to find us as they are searching for wedding dresses in San Diego.
You cannot find another place in San Diego where you can fully customize your dress
from head to toe. Jana is the only wedding designer in San Diego – customization is her
specialty! All of our wedding dresses are both designed AND produced by Jana. This is why we
can modify and re-design all of our styles according to each brides vision. We can add
straps/sleeves, lower/higher the neck/back, change the neckline, change the skirt cut, change
fabrics, change beading, – basically everything! We can always design a one of a kind wedding

dress for each bride. For us, all of our brides are special and unique. No personality is the same
as the next. We feel that a brides dress should match her personality and style 100%. It is our
number one goal to have our brides feeling incomparable on their wedding day. Let us help you
on your journey as you search for your wedding dress in San Diego!