Black Wedding Dress

If your wardrobe is mainly black, why should you change up your style for your wedding day? The answer is you shouldn’t! Black wedding dresses are on trend this season, and here’s why:

Black wedding dresses are sleek: Black is notorious for its slimming effect and its ability to cover up those pesky parts of our body we may not want to draw attention to. You want to look your best on your wedding dress, so if you feel most comfortable in black, there’s no reason not to go with your favorite color.

Black wedding dresses are elegant: There’s a reason that when you hear the words black-tie affair, you instantly think of elegance and glamour. It’s because black symbolizes formality and sophistication.

Black wedding dresses are unique: All eyes will be on you in a black wedding dress. But more than that, you will create a memorable experience for your guests and add a bit of shock and awe to the ceremony. People get tired of seeing the same wedding reenacted over and over again—who can tell the difference at this point? A black wedding dress is a way to wow your crowd.

Black wedding dresses are classic: Interestingly enough, black wedding dresses used to be the norm for many brides. It wasn’t until the 1800s when Queen Victoria decided to wear white on her wedding day that public perceptions changed, and the idea of the white wedding dress was born. If you’re a medieval history nut, wearing a black wedding dress may help you feel connected to the rich and varied tradition of weddings and bridal attire.

Black wedding dresses can provide contrast to the background: When making your decision, you may want to consider how stunning black looks against white or light backgrounds. If you’re planning a winter wedding or a mostly white color scheme, your photos will turn out absolutely beautiful.

A black wedding dress offers a lot of flexibility in terms of accent colors and shoe color choices, since black goes with pretty much everything. Whether you want a gothic wedding or simply a bold color choice, you can’t go wrong with a LBWD—a little black wedding dress.

Build your dream black wedding dress in San Diego today.